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I created BBHC to inspire and educate clients to move past diets and into a lifestyle that will truly heal their body. We strive to give each client the tools they need to make each lifestyle change. We do this through grocery store tours, one-on-one nutrition coaching, group cooking classes, group education sessions, group support and so much more. Find out what we can specifically do for you by signing up for a 30 minute free initial nutrition consultation.  


Where BBHC Began 

I started my journey as a health coach for two main reasons. A few years back, when I was in Europe, I was had many different health symptom and diagnosis. I was had terrible heart palpitations, insomnia, chronic clogged nose, rosacea, ALWAYS tired, depression, and syncope. I was on a large amount of medications and I had a huge desire to be off of each and every one. I started asking different specialists how I could start that journey. Not ONE could tell me what to do. Finally, I decided to see an allergy specialist. The minute I met him I felt an instant relief, even though my allergy tests came back negative. He took a moment to look down at my list of medication and symptoms. When he was done, he looked up into my eyes and said "are you ready to take control of your body?". He further explained that I needed to listen to what my body was telling me and start changing what I ate, and what I did, on a daily basis. In the beginning it was difficult to understand what that really meant, but when he gave me the foundational knowledge to start eating CLEAN foods my body started to tell me what I needed. Weeks later I was completely symptom free!! This came as a huge shock to me!! From that moment forward my thirst for knowledge grew into an obsession and later a business. 

The point I decided to make this my life was when I came home, from my two years in Europe, and started seeing how many people were like me before I changed my lifestyle. Everyone around me was sick, tired and on a list of medications. I started feeling a passion to inspire a movement where people would listen to their bodies and start eating clean food! I started by inviting my neighborhood to a clean eating cooking class and its been an amazing journey ever since.  

Throughout the past years I have done three years of graduate studies at EMU, University of New York and at the University of Ghent, Belgium.  I'm a certified health coach and have developed specialties in a variety of disease management programs including: psychiatric conditions, diabetes, weight management and hormone imbalance. I brought together an amazing group of coaches, with different backgrounds, so we can help each and every client who has varied diseases and goals. 

Mary Pietras Owner and CEO